Roppongi hills Mori Tower

Roppongi hills Mori Tower is one the the most known Tokyo landmark building with its 54 stories above ground & 6 underground. Roppongi Hills is Japan’s largest ever urban redevelopment.

The upper floors of the Roppongi Hills Mori Tower with Mori Arts Center, a cultural complex comprising an art museum, observation deck, private club and educational facilities. Offering a calendar full of events, Roppongi Hills has been visited annually by over 40 million people since its opening in 2003.

And with every year, the city grows in stature and maturity, thereby multiplying its magnetic attraction.
The retail facilities are comprised of more than 200 “only one” shops and restaurants divided into four areas with different themes.
Roppongi Hills offers open space, a multi-purpose hall, a gallery, conference facilities, and rental meeting rooms, which can be used for a variety of purposes and uses, including events, symposiums, and meetings.

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