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Rental Properties
Chidorigafuchi House
Built in 2007 and located only steps away from Hanzomon station. This pet friendly high standing property with windows designed from the bottom to the ceiling offering a spendid green view of Sakura trees. In front of the Imperial Palace...
La Tour Yoyogi-Uehara
4 min. to Higashikitazawa sta. Odakyu Line 6 min. to Yoyogiuehara sta. Chiyoda/Odakyu Line
La Mer Sanbancho Residence
Certainly one of the most prestigious luxury apartments built around the Imperial Palace. High standing is achieved using top quality materials and equipments. You will enjoy incredible views looking at the green surroundings of the Palace...
Tour Sadohara 1
Located on a top of a hill in a residential area rich with historical significance, La Tour Ichigaya-Sadohara features sunny, spacious apartments and a community with a distinctly French feel. Inviting pathways connect different areas of this elegant...
La Tour Sadohara 2
A superb example of contemporary Japanese architecture, La Tour Ichigaya-Sadohara II is an excellent choice for those who desire family-sized living arrangements in chic surroundings. Home to a friendly French community and located...
Palacio Aoyama
This landmark tower designed by the famous Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill Levi is extremely well located, next to Omotesando crossing, facing the Tokyo "Champs Elysees Avenue" one of the most fashionable area of Tokyo. One minute walking ...
Maison Coupole 201
Exceptional 3 bedrooms apartment in a brand new condition, set in a cozy 3 story building.. ...
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